Consulting: Mike uses the Ask Listen Innovate Methodology to enter in to comfortable and illuminating conversations with his clients' customers and prospects.  Through the use of the Methodology, conversations warm naturally, and customers reveal the stresses that their businesses are facing, as well as the pressures they anticipate in the coming years.  With a clear understanding of their short term and long term needs, Mike's clients are positioned to solve problems with solutions that are "already in the bag" and they are prepared to "fill their innovation funnels" with next generations products.

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Workshops and CONSULTING Services

​"It was really awesome watching Mike and the group work together.  Everyone played off of each other so nicely.   Such a supportive environment for experimenting!"

- Michelle Hurley, Photographer

Ask Listen Innovate provides a methodology to find out my customer’s needs instead of treating every customer like a nail just because I have a hammer.  Mike’s “I’ve done this before” insight can help any sales discovery process.  Ask Listen Innovate gives any sales person, networker, or career climber the means to build better strategic relationships with simple questions that will unlock new opportunities.  And his grounding in improv theater makes for a fun training that gets everyone comfortably trying new things.

​Carl Samuelson, Manager - Client Solutions, Michaels Energy - 

"Mike pioneered Ask-Listen while working with our Product Managers at Emerson. It is a set of tools that help us to determine what customers really need in order to improve their operations.  Rather than relying solely on the word of sales, and instead of a battery of unimaginative, blunt questions for which the customer is unprepared, Ask-Listen has enabled our staff, from product managers to sales team members, to hold comfortable, illuminating conversations with our customers and prospects.  This s a great way to discover the right innovations to drive through our development funnel."

Caitlin Breen, Temperature Group Product Manager, Emerson -

  • Research and courageously contact people with whom you have never spoken.

  • Expand the content of telephone calls leaving nothing on the table.

  • Run face-to-face meetings that yield rich relationships, opportunities to address near term needs and the chance to develop new offerings that address emerging requirements.


Product Management begins with discovering customer needs, directly from The Customer!  Neither the Voice of Sales, nor the Voice of the Boss will lead you to producing optimal offerings.  Discovery is an “analog process.”  Experience and technique matter.  Ask Listen Innovate is a “HOW TO” workshop that will enable you to jump right in, and with a few hours of practice, you will be discovering needs that none of your competitors will ever find, and you will be equipped with the information required to introduce unique, competitive offerings to the market.

​Workshops are available to corporations and to the public to help Product and Engineering Managers to develop the skills to use The Ask Listen Innovate Methodology on their own.  Workshop participants will use the Ask Listen Innovate methodology to:​​

"I think about questions all the time, but now I'm thinking more about where the questions place the recipient in their mind and how that shapes their responses.  By asking questions carefully, I can get the most helpful answers.'

- Constance Vork, Founder, Vork Real Estate Group

"For the last exercise of the day Mike asked us to imagine our customer as a movie star.  He asked us to role-play asking the star to reflect on each of their completed, current and planned projects.  This was my favorite exercise!  It directly apples to my job and provided me with a chance to really practice all the concepts that we played with throughout the day."

Todd Olin, Strategic Planner, Emerson -