•   Market based pricing
    •   A go-to-market plan​​
    •   In-depth cost analysis
    •   Possible product line rationalizations
    •   Possible value propositions
    •   Gaps in competitive offerings
    •   Customer requirements




​​Product Management Consulting Services

    •   Primary and Secondary Research
    •   Interviewing all stakeholders       
    •   Shadowing installers & users  
    •   Market sizing
    •   Competitor specifications
    •   Competitor value propositions



Data Gathering

​Let your team focus on their projects.
Use an unbiased expert to collect the information you need for decision making.​
​Decades of experience in telecommunications, energy and instrumentation.​

Mike LaFleur, Principal

    •   Achieve sales goals

    •   Value based pricing

    •   Meeting customer needs
    •   On time launches
    •   Highly focused teams


​  Do you have any of these problems?

    •   Missing scheduled release dates
    •   Runaway development costs
    •   Internal conflict
    •   Commoditization
    •   Missing the mark
    •   Special requests
    •   Working without a specification
    •   Failure to win